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About Red Feather Wellness

Red Feather Wellness offers a variety of services geared towards improving the lives of Women, which will subsequently impact her family and the community around her. Red Feather Wellness utilizes Ancient Nile Valley Principles and traditions as taught to her through extensive training and initiation by Queen Afua and also Baaba Heru Ankh Ra Semaj Se Ptah of the Shrine of Ptah, and many other shining examples, including her own personal experience and journey.  Red Feather Wellness honors the beauty, strength, and Divinity in Women by reintroducing her to Herself.

What is Red  Feather Wellness?


The color Red symbolizes the fire element, which is a vital force that manifests to assist us in purging impurities and toxicity from our lives (people, situations, attitudes, behaviors, unhealthy generational patterns, etc.)

Our inner Fire can be activated to unleash our innate healing powers to assist us in purifying, releasing, transforming, passionately recreating, and elevating our body, mind, and spirit.



Our Ancient Ancestors knew that in order to maintain health and inner peace that our mind, heart, body, and spirit must be clean, nurtured, and light as a Feather. The feather also represents the air element, covering protection, Truth and BALANCE.



About Shemset-Ra

(Also known as Rhoena Ma'at)

A native of  Connecticut, Shemset Ra is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University where she received her degree in Justice and Law Administration and Social Work. 


Shemset Ra serves as a Wabet (Kemetic Priestess of Purification) and Ceremonial Priest for the Temple of Anu in Newark, New Jersey while living and teaching the benefits of a wholistic lifestyle. As a Certified  Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Ra Sekhi Practitioner, 'Sacred Woman' Teacher and women's healing and wellness group facilitator, Shemset Ra has incorporated her gift and passion for healing into her own practice: Red Feather Wellness

Since 2006, Shemset has been teaching, guiding, counseling and initiating women of color both individually and through group Rite of Passage healing circles utilizing ancient principles and Ancestral guidance. While the primary focus has been on women, Shemset understands that our men need healing and nurturing as well and therefore men are encouraged to contact her for consultations and ‘work’ as well.

Shemset is a long standing Board Member, and now Ambassador for WeCare Community Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a Home Birth supporter who has had (3) of her very own beautiful home birthing experiences, and is a Retired Chief from her local law enforcement agency, again utilizing her position to encourage positive change within individuals faced with challenges and obstacles.

Her most rewarding role and accomplishments aside from being a wife to an amazingly talented Artist, and a Mother to three beautiful flowers is being a "Spiritual Midwife" to those needing assistance with re-birthing themselves. 


Wabet Shemset Ra Ary Nefer

 the "Spiritual Midwife"  

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