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Beautiful Flower * Blossoming Woman Rite of Passage Program


2021 and 2022 was a beautiful success.  Please inquire about our 2024 programs. 


This 3-day workshop / retreat is now being offered as a 9-week Rites of Passage program for  women. Red Feather Wellness utilizes ancient African principles and traditions to honor the beauty, strength, and   sacredness of a woman by reintroducing her to Herself.  This online circle will consist of no more than (9) women.

During each consecutive week, we will holistically explore and discuss one of seven major areas of our lives along with doing weekly self-exploration assignments and exercises to help you balance and realign your thinking, choices, and behaviors. Each session will assist you with receiving clarity on  certain matters in your life by embracing honesty and accountability, and by practicing forgiveness and gratitude.

In addition, you will also receive a package with extra special supplies /materials to assist you on your spiritual journey, which will be mailed to you. As you go through your conception, growth, labor, and rebirthing process, you will be guided by me, Shemset Ra (Rhoena), your spiritual midwife, as well as three guest facilitators or “birth attendants”.  Our first guest will educate us on ‘gut health’ as an introduction to your week of cleansing and detoxing as you continue on this particular journey.  Our  second guest will speak on the importance of finding, owning, and using your voice to speak your truth while honoring your own personal values and self-worth. Our journey will conclude during an in-person group Purification,  Rebirthing, and  Blossoming ceremony. This ceremony will be co-facilitated by our third guest and facilitator who is also a traditional Ceremonial Woman and a  certified/licensed midwife.

Due to the high expectations, privacy, and sensitivity of subject matters, participation in this  program  will include attending a mandatory online orientation session to answer any questions that you may have, and to explain more in depth what this program is, and what it is not. A follow up individual call will also help the facilitator and participant in determining how this program can personally benefit the participant and further determine if this is an appropriate path for you at this time.


**For more information  please send a private message on Instagram via RedFeatherWellness,  or utilize the ‘Contact’ page on this website. 

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