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Seasonal Tune-Up Sessions:  $100

Maximize your potential and restore personal balance as you look at nature and seasonal changes as examples on how to transition in life while still being in harmony.


Offered as individual 1:1 and discounted group session of 2 – 4 attendees, these sessions include meditation, a self-assessment, journaling, and personal goal setting. *It is suggested (but optional) to add-on a Ra Sekhi Kemetic energetic healing session to the Summer Solstice and/or Winter Solstice sessions.  (Bring your friend/friends to form your own circle and book a session together).


Summer Solstice June 21, 2023, the longest day of the year, and 1st day of the Summer. In this session, you will explore the different transformative and cyclical nature of the sun, while using the lessons of its energy to assist you in your own personal healing, transformation, and growth.


Fall Equinox September 23, 2023, where the day and night (lightness and darkness) is of equal length; and the 1st day of Autumn. Just as leaves fall from a tree, and flowers no longer bloom, by accepting what in our lives must come to an end, it sometimes brings up feelings or emotions of loss, disappointment, mourning, and even depression or anxiety. However, this season is also a time of bringing your mind, heart, and personal code of living (values) back into balance by conducting a self-inventory of checks and balances so that your acknowledgement and accountability of your life thus far can elicit gratitude or change.


Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2022, the shortest day (light) of the year, and the 1st day of winter. Once again, in observing the various forms of nature around us, this is a time for hibernation, or going within. A time for stillness, meditation, and self-reflection. A time to assess the past year, while exploring choices made and accepting accountability, while practicing forgiveness, and self-love so that you can release freely with no restraints or regrets.


Spring Equinox March 20, 2023, marks the arrival of Spring. A time for rebirth and growth as we explore our creativity and purpose. Your goals become the “seeds” that are metaphorically planted so that you can soon see and benefit from the fruits of your labor, in whatever areas in life that you seek abundance, prosperity, and success.  




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