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Consultations and Ceremonies

Womb Wellness 101 Consultation

Based on the personal experience of myself and many others, I felt that it was important to offer information regarding colon health and reproductive health. In addition to the above, specific herbs and tonics will be suggested, as well as the benefits of crystals, stones, and movement.

Beautiful Flower- Blossoming Woman Retreats and other workshops

A workshop for Women geared towards reawakening the Goddess within.  Information on working with lunar energies and cycles will be shared. Focus will be placed on the strengths and benefits of acknowledging, accepting, and being in-tune with your Divine feminine self. Self-healing will be explored and initiated at the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Aritu (Chakra Centers) through journaling, sharing, and movement; All while being supported by a circle of women. This is a great time to take some personal time out for self, or to go through this journey of transformation with a female relative or sister-friend - (Adult content discussed).

Individual spiritual consultations, which could consist of  1 to multiple sessions to address a person's specific need(s). As your Spiritual Midwife I would assist you with formulating a re-birthing plan geared towards cleansing, healing, and your overall personal & spiritual growth.

Kemetic / Cultural Union Ceremonies 

Union Ceremonies

Picture having a beautiful African inspired ceremony that speaks to the value of partnering and being one with your mate and your respective families. In these ceremonies, the village is reminded of the value of having balance in a relationship and of the value of the role of the Woman, including acknowledging her Divinity within the Mother-Father-Creator Trinity. Participation in the Tasting of the Elements ceremony along with lessons from various selections from The Husia [Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt] are offered.  Contact us for pricing

Blessing Way Ceremony

For mothers [and/or couples] not wanting the traditional western baby shower. This ceremony honors the Mother while acknowledging the inner and outer spiritual tools that can assist her during her upcoming initiation into Motherhood.  






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