Jade Eggs

Working with Jade Eggs, Yoni Eggs is an Ancient practice which helps to strengthen your pelvic floor, uterine, and vaginal muscles. It releases muscle tension caused by abuse and trauma. Prepares your body pre and post childbirth. Alleviates symptoms of Menopause; Increases self-awareness. They enhance sexual intimacy, and much more.   


Waist Beads

Luxury handmade and high-end waist beads for the Lady serious about her adornments.


Cultural / African-Centered Engagement Rings and/or Wedding Bands

Please visit the Studio of Ptah for rings crafted with a variety of gemstones and symbols [The Ankh, Adrinka, Kemetic (Egyptian)]. Let Baaba Heru "The Ankh Man" know that Rhoena Ma'at from Connecticut referred you.

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